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Following on from the success of online ukulele and guitar classes during Covid, the team at Music Generation Leitrim are launching their online classes for the autumn season. While the team of Music Educators were forced to change direction quickly last year, they are continuing to adapt and find new ways to connect young musicians around the county.


Musician Educator Nikolaus Ginter says “My goal is to ensure each learner feels a sense of achievement. To instil confidence and a love of music in those I work with is a huge part of my over all vision for performance music education. To learn to play an instrument you need to make both sides of the brain work together. My approach is to incorporate kinaesthetic learning in a playful environment to help the students achieve their goals"


There has been much positive reaction to the online classes from both parents as well as the young people themselves. One of the young participants Aoife Flynn says “ I enjoyed the online classes with Nikolaus during Covid as it gave me something to do. I feel my guitar playing has really improved.”


Development Officer Therese McCartin says “Music Feeds the soul and can play a huge part in the well being of our children and young people, especially at the present time. It is vitally important to engage our children and young people and that they continue performing and enjoying their music making”. 


Classes are suitable for children and young people from 8 - 17 years. To enrol in our online Guitar and ukulele classes use the form below:

Registration for Online Classes

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