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Register before Friday 28th April, 2023 for Music Generation Leitrim's "MusicWorks" programme for primary schools. (Programme starts in September 2023.)

Our MusicWorks programme will take children on a wonderful musical adventure that is tailored to suit everyone regardless of their age or musical background. Ukulele/Guitar/Bodhran/Voice Programmes (depending on tutor availability) may be included for 2nd/3rd class upwards.

Students will explore the world of music through the voice, which will include learning various vocal techniques such as articulation, breathing exercises, voice projection, clarity and pronunciation as well as other useful performance and singing techniques including posture and the art of learning to sing in a group. Along with song singing other class activities will include:

  • Musical games

  • Listening and moving/responding to music

  • Have fun with body percussion

  • An opportunity to explore class room percussion instruments

  • Read and write music through staff notation and tonic solfa

  • Learn about a variety of orchestral instruments

  • Introduction to Orff Music Making (tunes percussion)

These activities will create awareness and teach children about basic concepts such as -

  • Pitch - High/Low

  • Tempo - Fast/Slow

  • Dynamics - Loud/Soft


The program will instil a love of music in the children while enabling them to listen and respond to a wide range of musical styles and genres of music. It will enable confidence building through performing and through musical games, enhance the rapport between students as well as allowing the students to express themselves creatively. While the emphasis is on learning to enjoy and appreciate listening to all styles of music, these musical games can also help increase concentration, cognitive and memory skills.


The programme will be delivered by a specialist Music Generation Leitrim tutor, who will work with each group for 30 minutes on a weekly basis, in a whole class setting. Classroom teacher participation is required for maximum benefits of the programme. Classes will be tailored to suit varying ages and stages that are grouped together. Progress and groupings will be reviewed as we go through each term. 

The recommended length of the programme is 28 weeks. The cost to each school is €1.50 per student, per class. Schools with larger student numbers will receive a reduction in the cost per student, across 3 different bands/scales. It is at the schools discretion as to whether this is paid by parents, fundraising, school funds or a combination of these.

The programme will commence in September 2023. For your school to take part, please fill in the application form which can be downloaded below and return it no later than Friday 28th April, 2023 by email to or alternatively by post to the address shown below.

Once your application has been processed, to secure your place on the programme we require a deposit of €100. Invoices for this amount will be issued week commencing Monday 8th of May, 2023.

Please note that we plan to work with schools in clusters, so smaller schools can avail of this price. So if you and your team are one of Leitrim’s smaller schools, it will be necessary for Music Generation Leitrim to work with more schools close by on the same day in order to keep this as cost effective as possible for you.

If you have any queries about the MusicWorks programme, please contact Therese McCartin, Music Development Officer, at  or 086 0453816

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