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Music Generation Leitrim Youth Trad Orchestra is a project of Music Generation Leitrim. MGLYTO is dedicated to the development and promotion of youth participation in music through training, production and access, and encourages a greater understanding of the potential of music as a medium for learning and as a means of expression for young people.

The methods and code of practice of MGLYTO are based on the concepts of opportunity, empowerment, access and artistic excellence. Members are provided with a programme of the highest quality which as well as being of immense benefit in terms of personal development are also a basis for any young person to pursue a career in music.

Participation in MGLYTO activities is a special opportunity, and each person involved is entitled to a positive experience. As part of this philosophy, all members are required to adhere to the standards listed below.

1. Safety

Each member should acquaint him/herself with the emergency procedures and assembly points of any premises used by MGLYTO. In the event of a fire or other emergency, members should go directly to the emergency assembly point and must not leave the assembly point until they have been accounted for.

MGLYTO is not responsible for members outside of workshop hours. Members are insured strictly for the duration of workshops, rehearsals and performances. Members are not covered for insurance once they leave an MGLYTO activity and no responsibility will be taken for participants outside of these activities.

2. Medical

With regard to medical conditions and contact information, it is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they have completed this part of the membership form honestly and in full. Should a member wish to alter this information at any time, they can do so in writing to Music Generation Leitrim Youth Trad Orchestra, Music Generation Leitrim, MSLETB, St. Georges Terrace, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

3. Attendance

  • Members must attend all workshops unless they have permission from a director to be absent.

  • Members must be on time for workshops, rehearsals, performances and other scheduled activities.

  • If a member knows they will be unable to attend a workshop, he/she should inform the Director at the earliest opportunity and no later than the two days before the scheduled activity.

  • If a member is unable to attend a workshop at short notice, he/she should contact a Director at the earliest opportunity ideally by text. The Director will confirm receipt. 

  • Any member absent without the approval of a Director for two consecutive workshops or any three workshops in one term, will have their membership of MGLYTO withdrawn and fees forfeited.

  • Habitual absenteeism (four or more workshops in one term) without the approval of a Director will result in membership of MGLYTO being withdrawn and fees forfeited.

  • During activities, members should remain in parts of the premises approved by the Directors for use by MGLYTO and should not leave the premises at any time during workshops, rehearsals or performances, unless permission to do so has been given by MGLYTO staff.

  • Attendance will be taken into consideration for MGLYTO performances and where numbers of places available for MGLYTO activities/tours/visits are limited.



MGLYTO conducts a no-smoking policy. This applies to all members and staff during workshops or other MGLYTO activities, or while on any premises used by MGLYTO. The consumption of alcohol at MGLYTO activities is not tolerated, nor should alcohol be brought onto any premises. This also applies for away trips. In accordance with the law, the possession of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited by MGLYTO. Any member found in possession of illegal drugs will have their membership of MGLYTO revoked immediately.


Each member has the right to -

  • Fully participate in the activities and to become involved in the democratic decision-making processes of Music Generation Leitrim Youth Trad Orchestra.

  • Be informed of the activities and rules of Music Generation Leitrim Youth Trad Orchestra.

  • Voice their needs or concerns to responsible personnel in Music Generation Leitrim Youth Trad Orchestra.

  • A considered response in the event of a personal grievance.

  • Express his/her views freely, always having respect for others.

  • Feel safe at all times.

  • Be protected from any bullying, violence or anti-social behaviour from others.

  • Have his/her personal space and privacy respected.

  • Not be subjected to inappropriate behaviour, physical, verbal or otherwise by another member or by a leader/facilitator/director.

  • Have his/her personal property respected at all times.



Each member is expected to -

  • Respect MGLYTO leaders and abide by any reasonable requests they may make.

  • Assist leaders in workshop preparation and clean-up.

  • Respect other member’s personal property.

  • Be sensible in their approach to their own safety and that of other members.

  • Have mobile phones powered off during MGLYTO activities.

  • See other member’s point of view.

  • Share space equally.

  • Avoid, or think before, making personal comments or accusations.

  • Share opinions without insisting they are right.

  • Tolerate other member’s differences and respect their beliefs.

  • Include everyone.

  • Encourage cooperation and avoid conflict.

  • Listen, learn, tolerate and take part.

  • Be open and enthusiastic.


7. Non compliance with conditions of membership

In the case of a member not complying with MGLYTO conditions of membership the procedure is as follows:

A Director will discuss the issue with the participant and if a breach of the conditions is established, they will be issued with verbal warning. If there is no subsequent resolve, the issue will be brought to the attention of a Parent/Guardian. Failing any resolve, the issue will be explained to the participant and they will be advised of their dismissal from the Youth Orchestra. In the case where a member commits a serious infringement of the MGLYTO conditions of membership, the issue will be brought to the attention of a Parent/Guardian and may result in the member’s immediate suspension or dismissal.

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